BriteView Technologies' products are used in a wide variety of applications, such as military, avionics, industrial and computer displays.

Military and Avionics Displays

BriteView provides products used in the lighting displays of major defense and avionics companies. Its products include:

High efficiency, dual mode (day and NVIS) backlight light guides, which are custom made for various configurations and dimensions, including square displays.

Precision cut optical films for easy installation. Optical films include backlight enhancement films, dual brightness enhancement films, diffusers, adhesives, angle expanding films, reflectors, and special films.

RGB LED backlights for saturated color for both day and night vision applications.

Industrial Displays

BriteView offers backlight guides for simulating displays and outdoor industrial use. The displays can be used for dual model (day or night) applications, even under very bright sunlight. Major industrial display manufacturers also use BriteView’s LED drivers, which can protect against open circuit, under voltage, soft start, and over temperature conditions.

Computer Displays

Major computer manufacturers use BriteView’s lamp assembly services for their display replacement services. The lamp assembly includes not only the CCFL lamps and LED strips but also the rubber socket, wire, and connectors. BriteView’s lamp assembly meets their high quality of standards for brightness and color matching of the original product as well as lifetime cycle and environment tests.