About BriteView

BriteView Technologies designs and produces unique light guide architectures and backlighting solutions. Our designs offer superior brightness, dimming, and high efficiency for clients throughout North America and Europe.

BriteView Technologies designs and produces solutions for the military and aerospace markets. Our backlighting solutions have consistently met and exceeded its clients' most stringent expectations and requirements for land, air, sea, and space applications and for applications that require day and night view ability.

Since 1992, BriteView Technologies has developed custom LCD backlighting solutions for a broad range of applications for the military and aerospace markets, including military avionics, ground vehicles, space infrared applications, and satellites.

Our Products

Backlight systems for LCDs, including Collimator LCD modules, which are backlight systems installed in an LCD module

Custom backlight solutions which meet your stringent specifications.

Backlighting solutions, using either CCFLs or LEDs, as chosen by the client.

Backlight Components, including high quality CCFL lamps, inverters, LEDs, LED driver boards, and special films.

Read more about our LCD Backlight Systems and our Backlight Components or Contact Us to discuss your needs and to get a price quote on a custom solution.